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I am delighted to have had a range of experience providing lectures, seminars or workshops to both undergradute and postgraduate students. I relish the opportunity to share my experiences and to critically explore subjects with students. I am always open to discuss future opportunites and to contribute where possible.


New York University

Guest lecture on 'COVID and the UK health response' to postgraduate public health students of NYU during a London field trip.

University of Portsmouth
(2018 - Present)

Annual guest lecture and workshop to MSc Crisis & Disaster Management students on pandemic preparedness and the disaster-healthcare landscape.

University College London
(2021 - Present)

Guest lectures to MSc Risk and Disaster students on modules related to Business Continuity, exploring healthcare delivery during emegencies and the layers of business continuity required.

University of West London
(2020 - 2022)

Design and delivery of disaster science and emergency management lectures as part of a novel MSc in Paramedic Science.

Falmouth University (2017 - 2018)

Design and delivery of a lecture and seminar combination on emergency preparedness and crisis management at public events.
As a result of the success of this lecture series, a specific module in emergency management at public events was commissioned and included in the degree syllabus.

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